Saturday, September 26, 2009

FAITH*HOPE*LOVE Campaign for Breast Cancer

Even if you've never heard the words, "you have cancer", I feel certain that you've been touched by someone who has heard those very words!! Being a nurse, I have personal experience with how cancer comes like a thief in the night to steal the lives of those who have heards those three words.

However, my personal experience does not stop with the encounters I've had as a nurse. I, too, have family members and close friends whose ears have listened as the doctor has uttered those three ugly words. Cancer has many faces! Cancer does not discriminate. Cancer cares not how rich or poor someone is. Cancer invades the lives of it's victims family. Cancer is cruel. Cancer isn't pretty. Breast cancer, is no exception. Yet, it is a silent beast that takes away self-esteem, dignity, femininity and so much more from it's victims!!

Now that I have your attention, I would like to give each of you a chance to be part of something so incredibly wonderful!! The chance to fight back. The chance to show cancer that we can fight, too! I am an RN, turned pharmaceutical sales rep., turned jewelry designer, turned clothing designer, turned entrepeneur, turned business owner!! I know, I myself am still trying to figure it all out!! LOL! One of the things that I try to focus on as a business owner is giving through charitable ventures. Whether it be through a trunk show for adoption or one for the March of Dimes, I feel it is important to utilize my captive audiences to help others!

Which brings us to GOOD part! October is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS Month and I want to do something SPECIAL in honor of a friend of mine, Lauren Hammons Groover, who has Stage IV Breast Cancer. She has so bravely defeated the breast cancer beast since April of 2006. I am in awe of how, despite countless rounds of chemotherapy and losing her beautiful blonde hair (more than once), she is WINNING the fight!! During the month of October, I will feature a piece written by Lauren on my blog. She is a brave human being and you will want to stay tuned for her inspirational story!!

So, I am teaming up with a manufacturer to offer a GORGEOUS one-of-a-kind Breast Cancer Awareness T-shirt!! The tee is a tattoo-inspired rhinestone design that features the pink ribbon embellished with beautiful scroll designs. It features the words FAITH*HOPE*LOVE within the pink ribbon! The cost of the designer-inspired tee is $34.00, with $5.00 from the sell of every tee going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Please see the picture of this STUNNING tee~~these would make GREAT gifts, as well!! I will gladly answer any questions regarding this campaign. You can reach me via email at:

T-shirt Specifics:

~Shortsleeve fitted cotton lycra t-shirt
~Longer hip length styleing
~Pink ribbon design on front and back with rhinestones on front
~100% preshrunk cotton
~Machine wash, inside out, cold, HANG to dry

I ask that you search your heart and think about the impact a diagnosis of breast cancer would have on your family, your life, your loved ones, your job, your soul. And, think for a moment, about the collective impact that the donated proceeds from purchasing a t-shirt will have on the progression of breast cancer research!! Imagine a day void of hearing the words, "You have breast cancer", what a glorius day that WILL be!

And, so, I leave you with one last thought.....The best changes often start as a single, simple thought. Think big, and discover the ways to make your dreams real.


  1. LOVE the tshirt! I want one! How do I order? :)

  2. Dear me at for details!

    Funny & ironic, I am also a Cajun girl!
    Thanks for your post!

  3. LOVE that shirt! I feel for you 16 and my mom has breast cancer for the 2nd time! First in 2000..Survivor(: And then she was diagnosed again for the 2nd time..She has stage four..and not making very well at all! But she is still fighting and still with us(: And i LOVEEEE that shirt! I want one!
    Please let me know how i can order! (: -♥-Calla Pope

  4. WATCH OUT!!! I ordered a shirt over two weeks ago. Paid with pay pal. Have not heard a word since,no communication and no shirt.. I am a team captain for The Relay for Life 5 years running.